Friday, June 24, 2011

Best Dinosaurs Birthday Cakes For Your Kids

Dinosaurs Birthday Cake IdeasDinosaurs Birthday Cake Ideas

When it comes to organising that dinosaur themed birthday party for your kids, one of the many questions we get asked is how to customise the birthday cakes to fit the dinosaurs party theme.

Dinosaurs Birthday Cake For BoysDinosaurs Birthday Cake For Boys

For example, dinosaur shaped cookie cutters are inexpensive to purchase and can be used to create birthday cakes shaped like prehistoric animals. With a cookie cutter, it is simple and easy to make dinosaurs birthday cakes for your kids.

Dinosaurs Birthday Cake DecorationDinosaurs Birthday Cake Decoration

Simple Dinosaurs Birthday CakeSimple Dinosaurs Birthday Cake

The majority of dinosaurs known from the fossil record were vegetarian so don't forget to put plenty of salad out for dinosaurs birthday cakes. A mixed green salad containing such delights as rocket and a little water cress can resemble the most exotic of ancient prehistoric plants.

Dinosaurs Birthday Cake ToppersDinosaurs Birthday Cake Toppers

For added spice a handful of washed dandelion leaves can be put into the salad bowl. Dandelion leaves are edible, but don't forget to wash them.

Amazing Dinosaurs Birthday CakeAmazing Dinosaurs Birthday Cake

Take a cocktail stick and a coloured piece of paper, prepare a label for the birthday cakes using simple dinosaur vocabulary.
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