Friday, May 27, 2011

Best Elmo Birthday Cakes Ideas

Great Elmo CupcakesGreat Elmo Cupcakes

Elmo parties are great for young children's birthday party. Elmo is a happy character, he lit up every room to make great decorations.

Creative Elmo Birthday CakesCreative Elmo Birthday Cakes

Start your Elmo party decorations with red, orange and white ribbons. Twist the streamers, hung from the ceiling or door. Add red, orange and white balloons to the mailbox, welcomes guests to the designated house and street party. There Elmo plush toys and figurines all over the

Cheap Elmo Birthday CakesCheap Elmo Birthday Cakes

Elmo party is a great time to do an Elmo's favorite activities - dancing! Elmo has a party to an interesting dance through this CD, or Chuck Berry, Johnny Rivers. Let the children point to their noses, if they can not find his nose, and pointed out that to help them.

Beautiful Elmo Birthday CakesBeautiful Elmo Birthday Cakes

It is time to open the music, and told they will dance to his nose. After about a minute stop the music, and that another part of the body dance. Selected a number of body parts and play the game until the final over and over again, "body " is a choice, everyone uses their whole body dancing Elmo style!

Elmo 1st Birthday Cakes DesignElmo 1st Birthday Cakes Design

Elmo birthday cake is very easy to do the Elmo party. Buy a roast Elmo online or at a local party or discount store. Frost the cake matched the color of Elmo orange, black, red and white. Elmo party is a great way to get the kids to sing and dance, have fun, to celebrate the birthday.
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